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In the Event of a Pastoral Emergency when Archdeacon Michael is absent, please call one of the following:

- Father Robert Cummins (Harvard, MA) 978-456-2767 (h) or 781-646-0500 ext 266 (w)
- Father Andrew Carlson (Shrewsbury, MA) 774-262-7688 (c) or 508-329-2003 (h)
- Father Terrence McGillicuddy (Medway, MA) 781-801-4813 (c)
- Father Chris Logan (Bradford, MA) 978-397-3679 (c)
- Father Ron Wheelock (Attleboro, MA) 508-223-7275 (c) or 508-222-4079 (h)
- Deacon Rhonda Cotton (Harvard, MA) 508-517-9805 (c) or 978-456-8680 (h)
- Deacon Suzy Kenyon (Wayland, MA) 508-654-4497 (c) or 508-358-7573 (h)

For non-pastoral issues in the church, please contact one of our Wardens:

- Kathleen Demers, Rector's Warden 774-249-5780 (c)
- Steve Walker, People's Warden 508-254-5490 (c) or 978-343-3739 (h)

If a parishioner is critical or has died, one of the above persons will contact Archdeacon Michael who will be in touch with the family.

Church Telephone (508) 481 8493
Church e-mail:
• Archdeacon Michael's Cell Phone: 1-508-330-2179 (this is the best way to reach Archdeacon Michael)

• Archdeacon Michael's Home Office: 1-508-481-8493 (please call only between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.)

• Archdeacon Michael's E-mail: (to be used only for less important matters or announcements)

• Church Office Mailing Address: 60 Gibbon St, Marlborough, MA 01752

In the event of an emergency please call Archdeacon Michael day or night, including on his day off at 1-508-330-2179 (leave message).
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